Serge EKO is a Commissioner (Cameroon Police), Forensic Pathologist and DVI Specialist seconded at INTERPOL DVI Unit (Lyon-France) since March 2010. He was previously (2007-2010) the Head of the Forensic Unit of Cameroon Police, in charge of human remains identifications, scene investigations, forensic autopsies and clinical forensic medicine.
He graduated on 2006 from the University of Nice-France (Forensic Medicine and Morbid Anatomy) and on 2007, from the University Claude Bernard of Lyon-France (Wound Ballistics). He is experienced in PlassData software and mass fatality scene investigation, mortuary management and reconciliation investigation.
At INTERPOL, he is in charge of establishing new programs to assist the 194 member countries in identifying victims of disasters. He also conducts frequent missions to support member countries affected by disasters and is involved in the constant revision of INTERPOL internationally agreed DVI standards thanks to lessons learned from recent events.