Forensic Medical Doctor, Specialist in Criminal Law, born in Bogotá, Colombia.  From July 1997 until 2012 worked in the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Colombia, was part of the Mass Disaster Response group and other interagency mechanisms aiming at improving procedures for the effective search and identification of missing persons, medico legal documentation of injuries, medico legal investigation of deaths and violations to human rights, amongst others. From July 2003-April 2005 worked in the Office of Missing persons and Forensics with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.  From November 2012-December 2014, worked as the Identification coordinator of the Committee of Missing Persons in Cyprus, in January 2015 joined the International Committee of the Red Cross, as Regional Forensic Coordinator for Ukraine, Russian Federation (2017-2019) and Western Europe (2015-2016), based in Kyiv.  In September 2019 moved to Lebanon, where she is based now. Member of the International Group of Forensic Experts on Torture of the IRCT, the Forensic Advisory Board of the ICRC (2011-2015) and contributed to the revision of The Minnesota Protocol on the Investigation of Potentially Unlawful Deaths (2016) and the revision (ongoing 2020) of the Istanbul Protocol.

External Consultant for the International Committee against impunity in Guatemala, the Office of the Public Defender of Jamaica, the Forensic Anthropology Argentinean Team, the Government of Mexico, D.F., the Office of the High Commissioner for the Human Rights, the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights and the Organization for Security and European cooperation Mission in Kosovo.