Geoffrey Cardozo was born (3 March 1950) in France to a French mother and a British father. Educated at French and in British schools he went on to attend the universities of Saragossa and Cologne before becoming a professional soldier. He served on peace restoration missions in Northern Ireland and in many other theatres of conflict or potential conflict throughout the world. At the end of the war which confronted the United Kingdom and Argentina in the South Atlantic, he was tasked, as a 32-year-old officer, to collect the Argentine war dead and to bury them properly in the islands in a cemetery he created in Darwin.
He retired in 2005 and worked for 10 years for Veterans Aid, a charity based in London which cares for ex-servicemen in crisis, many of them homeless and/or with psychological disorders. He is now responsible, as its President, for overseeing the activities of the Franco-British Foundation in Paris, a charity which looks after 850 young people with mental problems in the care of 350 qualified staff.