Dr. Ubelaker is a curator and senior scientist at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. where he has been employed for over four decades. Since 1978, he has served as a consultant in forensic anthropology. In this capacity he has served as an expert witness, reporting on more than 980 cases and has testified in numerous legal proceedings.
He is a Professorial Lecturer with the Departments of Anatomy and Anthropology at The George Washington University, Washington D.C. and is an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.
Dr. Ubelaker has published extensively in the general field of human skeletal biology with an emphasis on forensic applications. He has served on the editorial boards of numerous leading scientific publications, including the Journal of Forensic Sciences; The Open Forensic Science Journal; International Journal of Legal Medicine; Human Evolution; Homo, Journal of Comparative Human Biology; Anthropologie, International Journal of the Science of Man; Forensic Science Communications; Human Evolution; International Journal of Anthropology; Forensic Sciences Research, Forensic Science International, Science and Justice and Global Bioethics.
Dr. Ubelaker received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Kansas. He has been a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences since 1974 and achieved the status of Fellow in 1987 in the Physical Anthropology Section. He served as the 2011-2012 President of the AAFS.
Dr. Ubelaker has received numerous honors including the Memorial Medal of Dr. Aleš Hrdlička, Humpolec, Czech Republic; the Anthropology Award of the Washington Academy of Sciences; the T. Dale Stewart Award of the Physical Anthropology Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences; Distinguished Fellow (2016) and Douglas M. Lucas Medalist (2017) American Academy of Forensic Sciences; the FBI Director’s Award for Exceptional Public Service; the Federal Highway Administration Pennsylvania Division Historic Preservation Excellence Award, the Hong Kong Forensic Foundation Award, International Academy of Forensic Sciences and a special recognition award from the FBI. He was elected Miembro Honorario of the Sociedad de Odontoestomatólogos Forenses Ibero Americanos, Profesor Ad Honorem, Universidad de la República, Facultad de Medicina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Socio Honorario, Asociación Latinoaméricana de Antropologia Forense, Honoris Causa FASE certification, Milano, Italy and Doctor (Honoris Causa) University of Cordoba, Argentina.