Chair Of Forensic Medicine Department- Armed Force Collage of Medicine, Egypt
Professor of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology – Cairo University

Dr. Shokry is a Professor of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology –Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University and chair of Forensic medicine Armed Force Collage of Medicine -Egypt. President of New Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences (nMAFS) . She is the president of the Arab Union of Forensics and Toxicology (AUFT) which is a branch of Arab Medical Union. Prof. Shokry joined the Scientific Advisory Board of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (OTP- ICC) February, 2014.
Prof. Shokry is a roster in JRR and UN Woman, 2015. She is members of the INTERPOL Forensic Science Managers. Prof. Shokry is a board member of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). Prof. Shokry is the chair of National Research Ethics Committee (MOHP) she is a board member of the International Association of Body damage (AIDC)-representative of North Africa and Middle East. Prof. Shokry is a board member of the National Committee of Organ Donation and national Committee of research ethics. She is a director and instructor of the training program for Gaza Forensic Doctors and crime scene investigators, Palestine via Arab Medical Union. From 2004 till now she is the editor-in chief of The Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences and Applied Toxicology (cited). she is a board member of Research Ethics and clinical research, WHO, Cairo, the Executive Director of Research Ethics Committee, MUST and a board member of the Middle East Clinical Research Association (MECRA), Lebanon. Dr. Shokry is the contact for the DAAD academic activities in Egypt and UNHCR, ICRC and UNFPA (United Nation and International Committee Of Red Cross preventative bodies) forensic consultant in Egypt. Prof. Shokry is a member of ad hoc committees for constructing the medical directory for the Egyptian doctors to deal with the female victims of violence and to put the Egyptian law for malpractice and medical responsibility, 2014. She is a member of the advisory board for evaluation of the scientific researches to promote the forensic sciences academic staff in Egypt and Iraq (Alnahrain University)
Prof. Shokry got certificates in Basic and Advanced Security in the Field , 2015 from United Nation Department of Safety and Security(UNDSS). She is one of justice rapid response roasters, professor Shokry accomplished mission in training healthcare providers in Jordan on how to deal with cases of Gender based violence UN Women. She is part of national training program for preparing the physician to manage cases of gender-based violence – UNFPA.